CreaMobiL Company History

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CreaMobiL started its activities in 1989 as a company specialized into the segment of publicity vehicles. After a short while, doubledecker buses were first rented, then bought to fulfill the needs of the mobile publicity sector. CreaMobiL was the first company in Belgium to use double decker buses for mariages.
Fleur de Lys promo truck: sampling for Master Foods

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When the first marriage fair in Antwerp was held in 1990, CreaMobiL was the first to offer not just the Mercedes 170S, but also a beautiful red doubledecker bus: the 1964 Bridgemaster, one out of seven existing worldwide. This bus was so successful, that a second bus was bought: the 1935 TS6 Leyland single decker bus and later the Leyland LWB Routemaster, which was converted by us into an open top bus.
Other companies followed suit

In the mean time CreaMobiL extended its activities with extra vehicles: the green Morris 17 seater bus, an american schoolbus and a streetcar, towed by a 1956 historical Land Rover.

Interior Leyland Tiger TS6 1935 single deck bus

CreaMobiL, being a new product developer, also introduced the MOPY on the Belgian market: small vehicles with illuminated billboards on 2m2 format. With its qualitative sound system, sampling capabilities and young female drivers, it was highly recommended by many publicity agencies.

The two wheel fleet had also been developed: promobikes and 50cc scooters each with adapted trailers were used in urban areas and at the coast, 33 in total. A formidable articulated hospitality truck was the crowning achievement: it was used for Rombouts coffee and Pioneer sound systems.

After having moved from Schoten to Wommelgem, a warehouse of some 700m2 was filled side by side with vehicles. Four employees and many part-time collaborators contributed to the success of CreaMobiL over the years.

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Robbedoes - Spirou MOPY setup

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NIKE promotional trailer

In 2005, the owner, Raymond Clauwers, beset by several technical and HR issues, decided that the company had to draw off to a different course. The assets were sold, and other activities were developed: making of professional videos, development of websites and
antiques wholesale.
It is only the Mercedes 170S, already in ownership of the company proprietor
, which has been used as a ceremonial car until 2016.